Personal Branding – Part 1

As I venture into the world of Internet Marketing, I have learned that before any company either starts or revamps, they must first look at their personal brand. Personal branding is where a person or company establishes the emotions or feelings that abound from them. This is what makes you stand out from the crowd. This is how people get to know you and trust you.

Mashable states that ‘Personal branding, by definition, is the process by which we market ourselves to others.’

So, whether you own a music recording company, you are a recording artist or a ‘mom and pop’ store, in order to beat the competition, you must personally brand yourself to create that clear, unequivocal differentiation.

As I continue to write these articles, I am in hopes that you will be able to take away something for yourself or for you to use in your business.


Amy Raysor


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