My name is Amy Raysor. I started Raysor’s Edge Marketing in hopes to give small businesses and even a one-man or one-woman business a chance to have the best social presence. Telling their story and making sure it shows throughout their brand. Taking their business and giving it that ‘fuzzy’ feeling which makes them more approachable and personable, creating them a consistent ‘fuzzy’ feeling in all their branding elements. I can add, not only the words, but the pictures and graphics to complete the whole picture.

I am a creative and artistic visionary, who truly thinks outside the box, is not afraid of trying new things. A supportive mentor encouraging and motivating others in projects that require much research and sound business reporting. A brand specialist who treats each project with newness and personalization.

Personal Traits:   ethical, genuine, accessible, professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable, compassionate, talented, team player, loyal, sensitive, helpful, organized, trustworthy & good listener

Core Competencies:   Brand Development, Brand Strategy, Project Management, Social Media Management, Internet Strategy, Email Marketing, Business Development, Search Engine Optimization & Team Building

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