“Amy Jo Raysor is a dedicated person. She strives to be a resource and committed helping everyone. She is a leader and team player. I have had the pleasure of knowing Amy Jo before becoming a part of Student Branding Society where she is the President. Then, as now she is works tirelessly and enthusiast about helping members grow their personal brands.

I would recommend Amy Jo Raysor for any future endeavors. She is extremely inspiring and committed person. Amy’s love of Internet Marketing drives her to develop and help ours with personal brands. It would be impossible to find someone who is determined and persistent at being a true resource to the community as a whole.” January 15, 2012

Dwayne ThompsonChief Marketing Officer, Click The Turtle
worked directly with Amy J at Student Branding Society of Full Sail University


“Determined, proactive and meticulous are a few words I would use to describe Amy. Amy goes above and beyond to make sure she is on top of the competition and her work is finished on time. It has been a pleasure to work with Amy and I would recommend her for any of her future endeavors.” July 22, 2010

Jessika PhillipsRegional Sales Manager, 430Markering
managed Amy J at 430 Marketing


“Amy is a well-organized, intelligent, and career-driven person. During a group project in which she and I were members, she demonstrated excellent leadership skills. Amy brings alot to the table with her great interpersonal and communication skills. Amy is a good team player and has a great personality. It is an honor to write this recommendation for her. Overall, she is a great person and would serve as a valuable asset to any organization.”November 14, 2011

Elijah Morgan, Student, DeVry University,
studied with Amy J at DeVry University Online

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